Biomerieux Vidas Blue Immunoassay Analyzer

Biomerieux Vidas Blue Immunoassay Analyzer

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Biomerieux Vidas blue offers routine batch or random access testing for serology, immunochemistry, antigen detection and immunohemostasis. Five independent analytical sections allow you to perform 30 tests simultaneously. . Simple ,flexible and facilitates lab workflow with a simple answer to complex needs. Productivity: Optimized cost per patient result Uniquely designed testing device Calibration stored in the analyzer's memory Optimization of labor Ready-to-use, single-dose reagents (reagent strip and SPR®) Minimum maintenance Ease of use Uni- or bidirectional interface to LIS Rapid Results Kinetic reactions Automated Efficient workflow Flexibility: Flexible work routine "Sectioned" architecture – 5 sections, 6 tests each (30 total available) "Add-on" modular system Batch or single testing STAT testing Multiparametric testing Load and Go True walk away capabilities Quality: Automation No carryover contamination Fluorescence reading Ready-to-use, bar-code-labeled reagents On-board QC program


Height45 cm
Width88 cm
Depth55 cm
Weight65 kg
Voltage100-240 VAC